compensation-for-unfair-dismissal.1Have you ever been dismissed, looked over, counted out, or not given the credit that you rightly deserved? You are not alone! The unfortunate part of being subjected to those things is that while you eventually get over that particular situation, you always remember that undesirable feeling and in future interactions your guard might be up. When your guard is up, you might be so protective about your feelings, that you miss out on an opportunity from someone who is genuinely trying to just help you out.

I recall several times, when someone was just trying to help me out, that I was busy thinking, “but, what does this person really want from me”. Because I was so skeptical and quite frankly afraid of that “used and abused” feeling that I felt in the past, my mannerisms, body language and voice was so disconcerting that I completely turned off the very people who were simply trying to do something selflessly nice for me. Consider that maybe, just maybe, some people don’t want anything at all for their good will. Perhaps they enjoy paying it forward, considering other people and utilizing their resources to help others. Now, this is not to completely embrace naiveté and assume that everyone does things out of the core goodness of their hearts and never wants anything in return. But many times, people do.

Scarlet Says…try to give each situation and person that you encounter a fair assessment and chance. While it is natural to protect yourself and your feelings based on past encounters, be aware of your body language your mannerism and your reactions. One bad seed should not always spoil the bunch.

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