Your 2015 Super Bowl Etiquette Guide

Did someone say party? OH YES! Hosting and attending a good shindig is right up my alley! This weekend is THE weekend of one of the most anticipated weekends for a good old-fashioned gathering in celebration of Super Bowl XLIX! If you’re hosting or accepting an invitation to a Super Bowl Party, please go, eat, drink, root, cheer and most importantly, ensure that you’ll be invited to the next party by following Scarlet’s 5 simple rules.

  1. Bring something – Just bring SOMETHING! You have such a variety of something options – chips, wine, beer, cupcakes, a cigar, napkins, cups,etc. Listen…don’t say that Scarlet never told you that it is essential that you bring something to a house party. Sometimes the host might even say, “don’t worry about bringing anything”, but trust me, you’ll get some extra points (that you might need one day) if you bring a little something special. It may not even be something that would be used that day. Your gift is a simple way of saying, “thank you for hosting this party, buying all these food and drinks, putting up with all these loud and sometimes obnoxious people and for cleaning up this mess when we’ve all left. If you’re really struggling with what to bring, just ask the host or even ask us! Leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help you out, but whatever you do, don’t come empty-handed!
  2. Don’t be obnoxious – I’ll be the first person to say that I am competitive and I love a good match of pretty much anything – cards, playground games, board games, family games (especially Taboo) and any other game you can think of. But, there must be limits to the competitive spirit. Refrain from hollering, rooting or being overly loud for the entire game. Trust me. You might feel cool, but these actions are slowing inching you out of future invitations.
  3. It’s a party, so PARTY! – We all have bad days, weeks months and even years, but if you accept an invitation to a PARTY, leave the “ba humbug” at the door. This is even your opportunity to make yourself feel better! Whatever is going on in your life is probably still going to be going on after the party is over, so give yourself permission to enjoy the party, take a break from the stress and enjoy the company of those around you.
  4. Eat (and drink)…in moderation Eating – I encourage you to get full, but if food is falling off the sides of the plate, because you’ve stacked it high like Mt. Everest in one visit to the food table, you should reassess. Let me let you in on a little secret, you can go back for more later. Save yourself the embarrassment of picking up dropped food on the floor or avoidable spills. Make a plate for what you can safely carry and go back for more later. Drinking As far as the drinking, know your limits when it comes to alcohol. This is a Super Bowl party, not a slumber party and no one wants to baby sit or make a pallet for you to stay the night because you drank too much. Keep it classy. Don’t take the drinking too far! It’s a definite way to say, “please don’t invite me back again”.
  5. Mess it up? Clean it up! – Remember that the host is there to make you more comfortable. You have not hired them to be your maid. If you use cups, plate or napkins, when you’re done, throw them out. If you mistakenly spill something, help clean it up. If you really want some extra points and will be around near the end of the event, ask if the host needs some help. It shouldn’t be an expectation that you’ll turn into the maid as a result of accepting the party invitation, but do what you can to ensure that you’ve shown your gratitude for the invite!

Scarlet Says… have a great, safe, competitive and magical time at this weekend’s Super Bowl gatherings.

Until next time,



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