“Do you like sushi” is a question that we often ask students in our youth etiquette classes? Most students say “no”, which is always so interesting because we also ask ” who does not like sushi and has not tried it” and many of them raise their hands to this as well. How can you not like something if you’ve never tried it? Well, we’ve probably all been guilty of responding this way at some point in our lives.

Now there are clearly some things that you can probably adamantly say, I’ve never tried it and I don’t want to because its illegal and immoral and we’ll likely agree – steer clear of those items. But, for other things, why not? Why are we so reluctant to try new things – the things that won’t harm, destroy or ruin us? Many times, it’s because, we’re comfortable. We’ve become comfortable, with our jobs, in our relationships, with our daily processes and systems.

The other major reason why we avoid new things is because we don’t know the protocol, the process or the rules around them. Think about how comfortable you become with an idea, an initiative or an experience once you learn that you’re doing it the “right way”.

Scarlet Says…as you navigate your way through this thing called life and are presented with the opportunity to experience new things, take a breath and just do it. Our job at Scarlet Communications is to arm you with the protocol and etiquette that’s necessary for you to enjoy it all. So, let us do our job and you do yours – enjoy life!

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