Have you been bowling before? Bowling is a simple, fun activity that people of all ages can engage in. But, I’ll be honest, there is one part of bowling that seemed so foolish and annoying that I used to glare from afar wondering, “what’s the point?”

That thing is the infamous high fivin’ and fist pounding after each player went to roll their bowl down the lane. I mean, let’s just do the numbers here. Each game generally has 10 frames. If you engaged in high fives and fist pounds after each and every player, with just four people playing, you will dish out over 40 hand slaps. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a whole lot of hand slappin’ – much more than I was interested in or excited about engaging in, at least until I did it.

Last Saturday, alongside our good friends who were recently engaged, I went out on a limb and minimized my negative thinking about how foolish and pointless that I thought the act of over engaging in high fives was. And, guess what happened? I had a down right blast! We played 3 games straight and I was all over the high fives and fist bumps AND I even played better than I ever have before. The reality is that high fivin’, not using other people’s balls and avoiding eating near or around the bowling lanes are just the basic etiquette principles of bowling and once I embraced these things and let my guard down, I actually enjoyed the experience.

Scarlet Says… sometimes we spend so much time complaining, whining and trying to voice our concerns about much we don’t like something that we end up missing out on the stuff that we actually just might like. Before you definitively box out the things that you don’t like, give them a try first…you just might be missing out on your new favorite thing.

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