Round and Round We Go!

LaundromatContrary to what movies and music videos would like for us to believe, there is very little that is sexy or provocative about a laundromat. There are countless videos and movies that show attractive and often very scantily clad people prancing around the laundromat as if it’s a runway show.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that for some crazy reason I really do (or did) like going to the laundromat. Granted, there really are very few reasons why I need to go there, but I do very vividly recall when I used to frequent in college and in my first home, I very much enjoyed going there. I don’t know if it’s the great cleanly-like smells in the air or perhaps just the feel of people being busy and productive and getting things done, but for some reason, I enjoyed it. Recently, I had to rekindle my awkward flame with the laundromat. We have an oversized comforter that needed to be cleaned, so I located my local laundromat and took it there. Everything that I recall about the last time I was there probably close to five years ago was exactly the same. People were hustling and bustling with baskets of clothes, bottles of laundry detergent and other items to ensure that their loads were clean. As an added, bonus, there ave been some major changes to the laundromat experience.

Unlike the ongoing jingling pockets of coins that used to filled the air, now it appears that laundromats have stepped into the new age (at this particular facility) and instead mandate people to utilize credit-like cards to load money onto, which is then used to access the washer and dryers.

While there have been some changes, much of the protocol and general rules of thumb in the laundromat have stayed the same.

While many of you may not fathom the day that you’ll need to patronize the laundromat, you can’t predict when your washer or dryer may break or when you’ll get a large comforter or item that won’t fit in your home units. Better safe than sorry, so here are a few items to remember when visiting the laundromat:

1: This is shared space. Leave your space in the condition or better than how you found it, remembering to throw out used dryer sheets, empty detergent bottles or even worn or holey socks that need to visit the garment graveyard. There is no housekeeper on duty at the laundromat.

2: Promptly remove your belongings from the washer and dryer. If you’re like me, you like to multi task. You may put your clothes in a unit and think, “man, I could go pick up a few things from the grocery store in the next 30 minutes” and maybe you can. But, if you think that your add-on errand is going to last longer than 5-10 minutes after your load is complete, rethink your plan. There are only so many units there and like you, other people have other things to do, so be mindful of leaving your items idle for too long.

3: Have you ever been in a grocery store and felt like you were instead engaged in a no holds barred go cart race? I’m talking about unruly carts everywhere with no order, grazing and side swiping people and items. Well, the laundromat has the potential for this type of behavior as well, if people aren’t mindful amd careful. The laundrat has wide open carts for transporting clothing in, out and around the facility. Because they are so wide, it’s easy to mistakenly sideswipe people or things. So, be careful of this when you’re walking around.

Scarlet Says…Some people use the laundromat for a life time and some use it as needed throughout life. Whether once or many times, visits to the laundromat should be pleasant orderly and in a manner that doesn’t make one cringe at the thought of returning. Let’s all do our part to ensure that the experience at the laundromat is a pleasant one.

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