The Well Dressed Man – National Etiquette Week

Mr. Aaron W. Jackson – Scarlet Instructor

On this very first day of National Etiquette Week 2016, what better way to kick off than by highlighting the well-dressed man? We are continually thankful for the male leadership that we have at Scarlet Communications, and also very thankful that they dress so exquisitely.

About a week  or so ago, my older cousin attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Either he was trying to taunt me (since I wasn’t going) or he really needed and wanted my input about his attire. Since we’re pretty much siblings, I’m gonna say that it was a mix of both.

IMG_98411 (1)
Mr. Justin Kimpson    –  Scarlet Instructor

We exchanged a number of texts back and forth about attire choices, which are minimal compared to what women have, especially for a Black Tie Event. Time and time again, we kept arriving back at a classic black tuxedo with a traditional black bow tie  and a vest. For some reason, this situation  stuck with me. I kept thinking about the fashion disparity among genders, and decided to dig in to see how disadvantaged men really were in the formal attire category.

After a bit of research, I’m still convinced that women have a lot more options, but men definitely have a great pool of options to choose from. From switching up the collars and cuffs to ensuring the detail of the cufflinks is considered, men have more options than you’d think. The question is, are these options known and more importantly, are men taking advantage?

From choices in suspenders, to bow ties,  to of course the fit itself, men really do have plenty to consider. From white tie to black tie optional, to pocket square choices to lapel options, there are tons of clothing options and accessories to compliment a man’s personal style.

Scarlet Says...  While women may seemingly have more attire options when it comes to formal wear, it isn’t the quantity of the items that should be considered, but instead the attention to detail of the items selected. There is certainly something magical about the simple, uncomplicated and effortless attire of a well-dressed man.

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