I Thought You Said This Was A Party…

13603802_10154293981693844_5305525816829163865_o.jpgLet me first start by saying, there is nothing wrong with being a network marketer. I don’t want the massive network marketing community to reign down upon us. Ok, – all clear here? Now, let us proceed!

Network marketing or MLM (multi level marketing) certainly has its perks. I’m not here to argue that, but how you go about engaging, communicating with and persuading people to support, join or rally for your cause is exactly what we are here to discuss!

Many of us probably have at least a few friends who are actively involved in network marketing, and many of the top companies are household names that you have probably heard of and maybe even used before. Companies like, Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Primerica, Partylite and The Pampered Chef have become well-known organizations that serve an important role in the lives of their marketers, consumers and the overall economy.

The resounding challenge that many people (including me) have faced is the initial engagement of many networking marketers and the often pushy and insensitive manner in which the opportunities are presented. Of course this does not speak for all network marketers, but this topic has been requested to be covered by us on several occasions, so without further delay, let us explore a few recommendations when attempting to engage someone in a networking marketing opportunity:

  1. Be Up Front – There have been instances where network marketing opportunities have been disguised as an invitation to a party, a bbq or a private dinner. Now, imagine being invited to a nice, exclusive dinner party and you get there with your dinner party appropriate cute outfit and you sit down, and someone is passing out pocket folders and cueing up a PowerPoint presentation. There are only two words for this scenario – Not Cool!
  2. Be Respectful About the Follow Up – So, perhaps you get pitched an awesome opportunity that you are truly considering, but you get asked about 20 times in a 24- hour period if you have made a decision. I don’t know about you, but there are quite a few decisions, obligations and commitments that I am required to fulfill within a 24-hour period, and most of them are things that I have been thinking about, working on or setting up for quite some time. Let us keep in mind that while the opportunity may indeed be a good one, give the person an opportunity to truly think through what you are laying down.
  3. Avoid Being A Dream Crusher – Take a moment and think about your ultimate dream job. Whatever it is – you have like been thinking about and/or pursuing it for a long time, maybe even since you were a child. So, for a new opportunity to come in and completely annihilate something that I have been pursuing or daydreaming about for forever is highly unlikely. Is it possible, yes… but very highly unlikely. The bottom line here is, avoid making people feel like if they do not take your opportunity RIGHT NOW, their lives will be ruined and crushed.  Statements like, “you’d be crazy to not jump on this” or “if I were you, I’d prioritize this over everything else”, or even, “how much money would you make doing that, when you can do this for a lot less time and effort”. The truth is, money is not everyone’s main motivation, so that third quote could completely turn someone off.

image1Scarlet Says…focus on the relationship. No one wants to feel taken advantage of or sold without their basic humanity under consideration. While we highly encourage you to aggressively pursue whatever it is in life that makes you happy, brings you joy or makes you fill the most fulfilled, BUT not at the expense or the blatant disregard of everyone else. If you are pursuing your definition of success, you will likely need people. Be mindful how you treat, engage and expect people to support or follow you, because to get to your dreams, you just might need them more than they need you.

Thank you to Aisha Taylor, World Ventures director and car bonus recipient for the MLM tips and recommendations. 

Until Next Time,




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