Why Exactly Did You Introduce Us?














Are you a connector? Are there people who you know that you want to ensure are connected with other great people that you know? Of course you do – who does not want to connect people and make magic happen?

But see, the problem happens when you have not truly ensured that the connection of these people even makes sense!

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.15.44 AM

Take the image above for example. Sometimes we just fire off messages without truly think about what we are doing. What you have above is a classic blind unqualified introduction. Consider a few things to avoid:

  1. Permission: Has Scarlet even be asked if their email address can be given out? While this appears to be an innocent introduction, perhaps John is one of those people where once he gets your email address, there is no stopping him from emailing you EVERY DAY! Just ask for permission to make this connection in advance.
  2. Unneeded Services: Does Scarlet really need business consulting services? There is no shortage of people attempting to sell other people stuff every single day! If you are really seeking to do some good for your connections, make sure that you qualify what you are getting them in to in advance.
  3. A Petty But Relevant Note: Scarlet is spelled with one T. If you do make an introductions between connections, make sure that their information is spelled correctly and is accurate. As the connector, it is your role to be accurate, appropriate and respectful of the parties identity, desires and preferences.

Scarlet Says…a human’s most essential commodity is time. We can not buy, steal, earn, hustle or get it back once it is lost. While your burning desire or even life’s work could be connecting people, it is essential that you take into account their needs, their preferences and what is most appropriate. Avoid blindly connecting people without their consent. We could all do without all of the extra emails, distractions and spam messages that come our way every day, taking away the very thing that we could all use more of – time.

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