Winter Attire Etiquette: How to be Warm and Stylish

It’s that time of the year again, where we have traded in tank tops and cute sandals for heavy coats and snow boots. As the winter winds and snow creep up on us, Scarlet reminds you that it definitely possible to be fashionable and warm. Trade your cute sandals and mini skirts in for stylish sweaters and lacey tights.  Take the time to match your clothing pieces together before getting dressed to ensure that your winter look is one that expresses your personality and style but keeps you warm during the Michigan Winter.

  1. If you have your favorite summer shirts that you just cant seem to put away, one simple tip Don’t!  Adding a blazer or belted cardigan over your favorite shirt can turn it into a winter outfit in just a few moments.
  2. Accessorize – Take advantage of being able to layer in the winter, with stylish hat and glove sets.  Make a statement while staying warm.
  3. Switch it up with more than one coat- You do not have to break the bank, but if you are looking to be both stylish and warm invest in an everyday coat and a coat for special occasions.
  4. Remember that being warm is most important!

Scarlet Says… Be Stylish and Warm this winter!!

…Until next time…

One thought on “Winter Attire Etiquette: How to be Warm and Stylish

  1. Love this post! I love fingerless gloves and stylish scarfs…also to piggy back off of what you said about the summer shirt…if you have summer shorts (only those who dare) you can get some really cute tights on leggings and put them under the shorts…make it casual by adding some suspenders or a blazer with maryjanes, boots or booties :-). Just my five cents…

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