3’s Our Charm!

Scarlet...the real Scarlet
Scarlet…the real Scarlet and creator of the “3”…

Yesterday was quite the fantastic day. I spent hours with my older brother and sister. While many people have the luxury of spending hours on end with their siblings and sometimes being happy to have distance between them every now and then, that is not my story. My story is that yesterdays simple joy of taking formal pictures with my siblings for the first time ever, was literally one of the best moments of my life. While they were unaware of this (and I really need to circle back and tell them), I was internally elated to spend time with individuals that I resemble, share the same awkward humor with and the same family memories. While we didn’t fully grow up together, the 3 of us, laughed, completed each others sentences, reminisced and genuinely enjoyed each others’ company. Yesterday’s power of 3 made it a great day and the power of 3 spills over into today…

Over at Scarlet Communications, we are celebrating 3 exciting years of changing the way you think about etiquetteby providing engaging, enlightening, empowering, relevant, modern and interactive etiquette training. This accomplishment requires us to be completely transparent with you – our followers, clients, friends, supporters and students. We have to genuinely say how thankful we are for your support, your feedback, your input and your business!

Because of you we have been impactful to over 4000 youth, young professionals, entrepreneurs and athletes. We have presence in 6 states and we are excited to have presence in our 7th state, Seattle, Washington, later this week! We have uniquely did what we’ve sought out to do from the beginning – challenge people to change the way they think about etiquette, because it truly is a part of every aspect of our lives.

The power of 3 has also been personally impactful to me this week, and it even continues into tomorrow as the power of 3 shows up in a major way in my personal day of birth! Today, I have to back track and be transparent with my siblings about what yesterdays interactivity meant to me. Today, pledge to do the same! Don’t wait until next month, next year or when you happen to see someone to tell them how important, impactful, life changing and special that they have been in your life. Just do it today! Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Happy 3rd Birthday Scarlet!
Until Next Time…

2 thoughts on “3’s Our Charm!

  1. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to Scarlet. I just wanted to say how much Scarlet helped me with my interactions with others as a professional. Today’s message is truly a special one, family is paramout.

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