Just Go With The Flow

This weekend, I had the pleasure of reuniting with my best of friends. While I really enjoyed myself, I came to a very unpleasant reality. I mean, it really isn’t that unpleasant, but considering how most of us think that time spent with others requires a production with mapped out plans and details, it’s just more of a reality check.

I am a certified hostess. I claim it. I own it. I love it. This simply means that I enjoy having people over my home or at my event, ensuring that they’re having a great time and that it’s comfortable and entertaining. This hostess “mentality” transfers to many other parts of my life as well. I genuinely like for people to have a good time and usually, I feel like there should be a timeline or some kind of plan. Now, some of this thinking stems from my past life as a wedding planner, which I’m very grateful for.

But, I came to a harsh reality this past weekend. The reality that, if you’re with the people you love and care about, you probably don’t need an agenda.

Let’s be clear here. I have not been redeemed from making plans, timelines and engaging in my normal hostess-type behaviors. I have, on the other hand, discovered the joy of going with the flow.

Scarlet Says…Over the next few weeks as you connect and reconnect with the people you love and care about, try going with the flow just a little bit. You just might like it…

– Dedicated to Brandi, Maria & Vanessa



Until next time,


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