Scarlet In The Middle…Where She At?

1908365_10106561465178004_8015367759681770425_nI’m wrapping up what was a fantasmal weekend! We had the joy of hosting one of our favorite couples for a few days. We are those people who thoroughly enjoy hosting guests from out-of-town. I’ll admit – we are certified hosting junkies and we love it!

So, of course these last few days have been chock full of outings, spirits, more outings and of course an infusion of our friends co-mingling and meeting our other friends.

Yesterday, we  engaged in what most social people engage in on a pleasant Sunday afternoon in DC – BRUNCH!  After we reluctantly had to cancel our initial brunch plans at Zengo in Chinatown, I was on the hunt for a new location a little later in the day. I was slighty bummed because our experience at Zengo’s was quite magical….

But, enough of Living In The Past. I ended up discovering a lovely restaurant called Central Michel Richard on Pennsylvania Avenue and it too had a magical spread that was appropriate for entertaining both out-of-town and in town guests, so we did just that. Alongside our out-of-town friends, we invited one of our other friends. The four of us arrived before she did so we all grabbed our seats and started the beverage ordering part of the meal. At this point, we were all famished, so the main focus was definitely on the food, but there was another interesting subject that came up in the midst of getting settled in – the subject of who sits where.

Considering my affinity for a good dinner party, I am normally always cognizant of who sits where, why they are sitting there and if they are sitting next to someone who makes sense. In a casual setting such as brunch among my friends, I tend to be a lot more relaxed? But should I? Well, yes I should be more relaxed, but with the awareness that these are all my friends. Key word – my. Everyone here may have met and been acquainted with each other, but they aren’t all friends. The common denominator is me and should be very much kept in mind.

When the comment about who should sit where came up, it wasn’t in an effort to say there was dislike towards someone or a desire to not talk to or connect with other people. It was instead to say, “hey, you are my friend and while I’m here visiting, I’d like to sit with you connect with you more and soak up the little time that I have while we’re together.”

Scarlet Says… We all have the right and need to relax, turn down and not take ourselves so serious. But, keep in mind that when you take on the responsibility of hosting, entertaining or having guests, technically, you are still in a sense, on. Also, keep things in perspective. While it is essential for you to connect and introduce your friends to other people, the connector is still you and there is a bond that you have that is important and should always be considered, even for things as simple as where shall we sit?

Until next time,






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