Raise the Bar

It’s Friday afternoon, which means that your work week is coming to an end and you have at least a little time to relax and link up with friends. Scarlet knows that after a long, hard week, a night on the town is always good to shake the stress away. Social events held at your local bars, clubs, and/or lounges are often the highly favored choice to attend when looking to order up your favorite cocktails.  Although they can be a bit costly, it’s the weekend and after all you have been working hard all week.

So, you get to the bar and begin to order up your favorite drink. Although the bartender made your drink just how you like it and got it to you within minutes, you see no problem with leaving the establishment without tipping the bartender for their services. Scarlet reminds you that it is proper etiquette to tip the bartender. Keep in mind that bartenders rely on tips to supplement their income. Tip about 15% of the tab from the bar and if you only buy one drink tip, $1. It is recommended and proper social etiquette to tip at events where there is an open bar as well.

Once again, Scarlet reminds you that when you are having a relaxing night out with a few drinks, and friends, the bartender makes it all possible!



Have a great weekend and until next time…

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