Be a good Houseguest!

This past weekend Scarlet took a mini road trip, to visit her Alma Mater for Homecoming and partake in all the festive activities! She had a wonderful time staying with friends in the college town and reminiscing about the college days that were fun filled for her. As usual, Scarlet cannot go anywhere without her proper etiquette practices coming with her. It is often difficult to be a host when it comes to being pleasant and welcoming, but maintaining structure and house rules at the same time. It is very important for guests to follow the nonnegotiable rules of houseguests’ etiquette.

Here are a few:

1. Clean up after yourself- It is very important when you are a houseguest to clean up after any mess that you make. This includes cleaning the bathroom and washing any dishes that you use while staying. The host is not your maid and does not want your stay to be a burden on them. This shows the host that you are considerate and a pleasure to have as a guest overall.
2.  Ask about House Rules- Most people have certain ways they like to do things, so it’s best to ask before you step on any toes. If you are ever unsure about anything be sure to ask your host before acting.
3. Lend a hand where necessary- Let your hosts know that you’re happy to help out where you can with whatever is needed. They might say no the first time out of politeness, but eventually they’ll give you something to do to help them around the house. You as the guest should be happy to, considering that you could be spending an arm and a leg for a hotel, but you’re not.
4. Send a nice thank you note- Once you’ve returned home; make it a point to reach out one more time to let your hosts know how much you appreciate their hospitality. They didn’t have to host you. You should make one lasting impression to ensure that they view you the way they should, as both thankful and appreciative .

Follow these simple rules and you are sure to be invited back to stay!

…until next time…

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