Are You Hiring?


While enjoying a yummy burger at this local burger shop in Grand Rapids, I witnessed a young lady come in to inquire about job openings.

Now, I was first surprised because I haven’t witnessed a young person inquiring about a job in a long time. I thought (like my siblings),that they had written off work as something that just us “old people” do.

Anyway, so while she was asking “are you hiring”, I couldn’t help but notice the outfit she had on. Now, the shirt she had on was cute…if she were hanging with friends or maybe even by herself, but not for pursuing a job. Now truly, maybe she just got the itch to stop in and ask the question, but what if the owner said, “Sure, how about you interview now”?… (which could happen)

Scarlet Says…Be prepared by dressing appropriately while out looking for a new job.

…until next time…


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