Are You Carrying Unknown Contagions?


A few short weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a friend’s birthday party in Michigan. It was quite the end of summer soiree. There’s nothing quite like attending a well planned, well attended event where you can connect with a few folks that you haven’t seen in a while, and of course spend a few moments with the birthday girl! Although the party was truly slammin’, there was another memorable part of the day. It was the moments leading up to the party that I very much cherish.

As I pulled up to the party, a car with two young men pulled up two parking spots over. It wasn’t until several minutes later that I realized that these were actually two of my close friends.

I was excited to see them, so I called them over. They were equally excited to see me at first, and then I saw this shadow of doubt overcome one of them. One friend said to the other quietly, “wait, she (in reference to me) is here…we have to go and get a birthday card now”…

So, after chuckling to myself for a moment, I overheard them searching for the nearest store that sold greeting cards.

I am very aware that sometimes the presence of Scarlet, the etiquette lady, makes people uncomfortable, so I am never overbearing or pushy about protocol, especially in social settings.

What I must say is that it is refreshing that the work that we do at Scarlet Communications has become organically infectious. I never want to or plan to be a party pooper, but at this rate we’ll continue changing lives and positively infecting others with the greatness of etiquette and protocol organically.

Scarlet Says…the vibes and messages that you are putting into the universe matter. How could you be  unconsciously rubbing off on or affecting others? Mind your vibes this week!

Until Next Time,

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