Excellence Takes No Vacations


This past weekend, I engaged in a unique opportunity to be the guest speaker at a vision board party that my good friend hosted. My role was to discuss how utilizing etiquette and protocol would help transform your board from a vision to reality.

I was honored to be asked and enjoyed it immensely, but I found myself slightly more nervous than normal. There is always some level of anxiety that I experience before presenting, but this feeling was different.

It was the nervous feeling of presenting in front of my peers. Up until this point in my life, most of my presentations were given to clients that do not mingle or cross into my current social or friend circles. But this past weekend, I crossed that line…and I’m glad I did.

Although there was some nervous energy, one thing’s for sure, I did think through and plan for this presentation and did so with the same care that I would for a paying client.

Can you think of a time when you asked a friend to do something important for you and they did, but not at the level or excellence that you expected?

It happens, a lot. We often expect our friends to be more understanding, lenient and patient with us, which is somewhat understanding. But, if something is asked of you, especially from someone you call a friend, why not complete it with excellence? Of course, you can’t give away all of your treasures for free, but if you agree to do something that you are revered, recognized, branded or deemed an expert at doing, it would be most advantageous for you to do it with excellence. Consider that the very people watching this presentation could be your potential paying clients in the future.

Scarlet Says… in all you do, do it with excellence! If you can’t fathom committing to performing with excellence, then Scarlet recommends that you consider declining the request.

Until next time,


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