Mobile Manners

Scarlet is generally a happy person, who very rarely lets others actions irritate her. But one of the things that tend to get under her skin is people that not only answer but also hold full conversations on their cell phones during a meal. An emergency totally understandable, but apologize beforehand for having to answer your phone then leave the table and talk outside of the room.

Ideally, your cell phone should not be with you at the table, and certainly should not be placed on the table. This rule also applies for purses, keys, wallets, etc. Your attention should be solely on the person you are having dinner with. You should be engaged in the conversation going on at dinner, not multi tasking and dividing your attention between your phone and your dinner guests. You may think that he/or she does not notice you continuously checking your phone but it can definitely be considered rude in instances.

Scarlet reminds you to :

1. Lower your voice when taking calls in public.

2. Avoid personal topics when others can hear you.

3. Avoid taking calls when you’re already engaged in a face-to-face conversation.

4. If you do take a call, ask permission of the people with you.

5. Avoid texting during a face-to-face conversations.

6. Put your phone’s ringer on “silent” in theaters and restaurants.

7. Don’t light up your phone’s screen in a dark theater.

8. Hang up and drive.

…until next time…

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