Your Name Is Your Name


noun \ˈskär-lət\

1: scarlet cloth or clothes
2: any of various bright reds
3: etiquette and employee engagement

Is your name difficult to pronounce or is it assumed that your name is pronounced one way when in fact it is pronounced another way? Do you feel guilty about correcting people on the pronunciation of your name? DON’T!

Your name is your name and you have the right to request for it to be spelled and said correctly. This also applies to name abbreviations or shortenings. If your name is Robert and you don’t prefer Bob, Scarlet Says, it is perfectly fine to say, “I know that most people don’t mind Robert being shortened to Bob, but I really do think Robert sounds better and I prefer it.”

Remember, your name is the gateway to your identification and if that is said and spelled wrong, imagine what else will be allowed…

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2 thoughts on “Your Name Is Your Name

  1. I agree. People always pronounce my friends name wrong and if I’m with her, I am usually the one to correct them (politely). She says she’s use to it and it doesn’t bother her, but I always say you should expect more..if you don’t care about the sound of your name, then what else will you let pass.

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