Sunday Funday

So, Sunday is the day that most of us look forward to a bit of downtime. Laundry…a big dinner…and some extra tv might be on your plate.

Around 7:00 p.m., perhaps you get a little tense thinking about all of the things that you should have gotten around to doing that you just didn’t earlier in the week. Was this because of the “P” word…PROCRASTINATION?

Procrastination will ruin your downtime, because while you should be relaxing with your feet up on a Sunday night, you may be worried about how you will get all of last week’s work done this week. Your procrastination might even be hindering others. Was there something that you were supposed to report out on or provide someone else, but because of the “P” word, you won’t do it in time? Well, that’s more than ruining your Sunday, that’s possibly ruining someone else’s week.

Scarlet Says…On Sunday evening’s, you deserve to rest. Get your share of relaxation, by eliminating procrastination and enjoying your downtime.

Until next time….


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